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Firewood for Sale! Call today 239.823.5363

Genesis Tree Service now offers firewood!

We have pine and oak firewood, ready to go. We sell a pallet of pine for $140 or a pallet of oak for $175.

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Osprey recovering after being rescued from Bokeelia

tree by Genesis Tree Service


SANIBEL, Fla.- An osprey that was stuck, hanging upside down in a tree in Bokeelia is now recovering at the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW). The bird was rescued from a tree it had been stuck in for more than 24 hours by Genesis Tree Service.


Doctors tell WINK News they believe it’s a young female. They planned to treat her Thursday but said she was so traumatized, the bird had to be sedated for the night. ....The staff at CROW say she also has bruised wings and a heart murmur, which could have been caused by stress and dehydration....CROW tells WINK News they try to respond to every call they get, but in this case they didn’t have the necessary equipment to reach the bird at the top of that tree. They commend neighbors for calling "Genesis Tree Service" to rescue the bird.


Genesis Tree Service offers a variety of services to help our residential customers maintain beautiful healthy trees and shrubs. We diagnose and provide solutions to problems to help protect your landscape investment and keep your yard looking beautiful.


Genesis Tree Service provides routine pruning, crown thinning, raising, cleaning, reduction, and shaping, end-weight reduction, tree removal and building clearance. We care about the safety, look and maintenance of your investment.

Stump Removal

Trees that are taken down need the stump removed. This prevents the spread of disease, makes way for new development, removes a trip hazard and improves the beauty of your property.

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